API - Frequently Asked Questions

Is the API free? Are there any bandwidth limits?

The API is free to join and use and there are no bandwidth limits.

Do I need a separate API Key for each Domain?

Yes. Read more about using the API with multiple domains.

Can I get a Key for localhost?

Yes. localhost API Key : 95594110d3bf7dc22abe5bcabc14279a

Read more about localhost testing.

How can I pass session variables?

Information about session variables.

Can I use the API on login protected pages?


Is the API available over HTTPS?

Not at the moment.

When API upgrades are released - will I need to change my code?

To upgrade to the latest version of the API there is no need to modify any custom code you have used, simply link to or download the latest version of webresizer_api.js

Older versions of the API remain available indefinitely, but any new features are only made available to the current latest version.

How do I get an API Key?

Instant activation for API Keys is available here.